Highwaymen of Winterfell



We were on our well on our way to the next town, Winterfell. Road weary and more than a little exhausted, we failed to notice the ambush that lay in wait for us…

A well-organized band of little savages waylayed us and we were forced to defend ourselves. The was was going badly until Samael recited one of his incantations and put a large portion of their force into a deep magical slumber. Tyrael raced in to finish two of them and they were routed soon after. We patched our wounds and rode on, hoping to finally reach the town.


As if things couldn’t get any worse! Ambushed on the way to Winterfell, by little lizard creatures. And to top that off, we almost died! Father would have me beaten if he found out what an idiot I was, letting that foul little demon smash a bottle on me before I could blink. I’d deserve every lash too. By the time I’d broken free, Tyrael was a mess, and Aeryn was the only one holding her ground. If not for that rock and the time Aeryn bought me to heal us, that battle could have been our first AND our last! Thank Ioun Tyrael and Aeryn are such competent warriors!



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