Kobolds again! I’m tired of their skulldugery!

Evn with Tyraels keen eye, Samael and I can’t pick the little buggers out from the terrain fast enough to prempt the terrible little scourges from being on us bfore we can draw steel. This deserves some discourse of tactics over the campfire. As Tygus teaches; ‘There are only two times an enemy can attack you, when you are ready, and when you are not.’ We must simply be better prepared for their trickery.

We also chanced upon dashing fighter near our age by the name of Desmodius Arcana who rushed in to our aid. He certaily turned a grim tide to our favor, and gained my respect. He seems capable and I’m glad to have his company as long our paths continue together.

- Aeryn


I have no clue as to how we’re going to defeat this Irontooth character or whatever his name is! We were nearly done in AGAIN by kobolds, and it wasn’t even as if we were ambushed. Granted, we did handle ourselves a little better, but I very much doubt that without the timely aid of that dapper Desmodius fellow, we could not have done so without some severe injury.

My new strategy against these beasts, I believe, will be to run away and climb a rock or a tree, then rain chaos from above. Fighting hand to hand was simply too fierce for me. I mean, I actually had to try and hit the creature with my staff! And of course I missed; I’m just not into melee. They’re also alot uglier face to face, and it distracts me from my spellweaving.

Thank Ioun I got a second wind towards the end there. Something tells me I was a mite too close to death than is really healthy for a man.

Note to self: Sell old staff. New staff increases my Thunderwave and other stormy spells. I can’t wait to use it! Oh, and kobolds seem to be worshippers of Orcus. Attempt to contrive some interesting use for this information, and remind Tyrael and Aeryn not to speak his name aloud, just in case the rumors are true.



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