The Fall of Irontooth

Dark Horizons


Though our battle with Irontooth and his cadre of half-men was grueling, I cannot help the sense of elation in myself. Perhaps the battle is still coursing through my veins, but I’ve never felt so alive as when the last threat to the besieged village was given to the Raven’s Court. I don’t think we could have done it without Desmodius, and my thanks and gratitude are with him whatever path he chooses to seek after our victory here today.

A half dozen or more of unfortunate farmers and Winterfell’s small folk were found unceremoniously piled in a dank corner of their cave system. Desmodius and I buried them properly and marked it. I pray they find peace with their deity. The best reparations I can make are to take back the stolen goods to Lord Pedraig and hope we can find a clue to the whereabouts of an artifact… Winterfell’s plight only quickens my resolve to help Azarius.

This wasn’t the worst of our realizations today however, and it seems our work is not yet done here. The ritual circle we toppled outside Irontooth’s camp was only a foreshadow to what we found next. He held a note with dire tidings—There is a spy in Winterfell and there was a power even more sinister than the savage and cunning Irontooth behind the raids on Winterfell. And more sinister yet, it seems that Winterfell’s blight is only a diversion for a more vile plot by a fiend named Kalael.

- Aeryn




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