The First Camp


“There certainly were quite a few of those scaly little bastards,” Aeryn quipped.

She ran her hand through her hair, streaked red with battle… she would have to find a stream to wash it later.

“I wonder how much longer to Winterfell… I remember the trips I accompanied my father on used to take weeks… but we had an entire caravan with us, and we took our sweet time.”

The warmth of the fire took the chill and stiffness from her shoulders.

“I don’t know how you do it Tyrael, if I walked into the forest with a bow I’d have to find a bear because everything else runs away from me, hah!”

She chuckled as she took a bite from the charred rabbit. It didn’t have any seasonings, but it was heaven after today’s battle.

“And Samael, I won’t underestimate your finger-waggling again. Whatever those words were today, you saved me proper.”


“I could have done better,” Samael murmured in response to Aeryn’s praise. “A proper wizard could have simply stomped on those things, and I barely became competent until you had nearly everything under control. To think! Almost done in by Kobolds of all creatures. At least, I assume thats what they were. They aren’t even good enough to be called bottom of the rung in draconic lore, so I didn’t study them much.”

He quickly shrugged off his feelings of inadequacy, however, when he smelled the rabbit and realized he hadn’t eaten that morning, or that afternoon. Almost on instinct, he began a little more ‘finger waggling’ to add to the flavor of his piece, afterwhich he realized it would be down right unfriendly not to offer the use of such a gift to his newfound allies.

“The rabbit looks almost good enough not to need it, but please allow me to add a little more flamboyance to the flavor of your fortunately fruitful foragings,” He said with a smile.

With a wave or two of his hand and a little mumbling, which unfortunately didn’t carry the alliteration he’d so painstakingly crafted to inject a little humor into the evening, the rest of the meat was conjured, and, if he had gotten the spell right, should have added the flavor of a few rare spices and salt, or whatever either of them happened to prefer most. That was the beauty of prestidigitation, and part of why Samael preferred wizardry to other paths of learning.

“I would like to add, however, that without you two there I would have been about as useful as a scarecrow in a field full of firedrakes. Hells, if it weren’t for that rock, I’d have been in really real trouble… Anyway, we can’t be that far off from Winterfell, right Tyrael? We must have already traveled more than half the distance.”



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