The Town of Winterfell

At last!


Reaching Winterfell felt like forver, but we made it. And in one piece, more than some of the poor folk that have fallen prey to those damnable monsters.

We learned of Lord Pedraig and the hardy dwarven blacksmith Thair Coalstriker who has a relative that might have some information for us. We badly need supplies and have decided to try and exterminate the kobold chief Irontooth along with the rest kobold threat. I remain confident our training and our cause will see us through.

Kord be with us.

- Aeryn


We reached Winterfell today. It is a quaint little town with a good lord and a fair market, and is very open to other races. To date, this is truly the first time I’ve seen a dwarf or elf outside my father’s tower. I’d heard of them visiting the academy at times, but they were always gone before I could catch a glimpse. I forget the dwarf’s name, but he had some extraordinary news about a dead dragon’s tomb nearby that may hold one of the artifacts we are searching for, he wouldn’t mark it on a map for us, and pretty much dismissed our pleas for assistance, but I’ve heard most dwarves are a little low on the etiquette ladder, so I won’t hold it against him.

Oh, but the elf! She was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and SHE GAVE ME A FLOWER! Of course, I’ll probably never see her again, and she was likely hundreds of years older than I, but I can dream. Dream and use this flower as a placekeeper for my spellbook!

Ah, and note to self: Watch Tyrael with the drink. He does NOT seem to know his limits.



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