Azarius Nobilis

King of Westlands


King Azarius Elondis Nobilis V is many things. Father, leader, warrior, philospher, lawgiver, protector. He is a king in every sense, decended from kings, and firm ruler of the Westlands from the River Pythia to the Setting Stones; the Draekling Forest to the Azure Sea. He resides in Azarius City, named for this father’s father’s father, and sees to his children—all his children, both of the flesh and of the earth.

He is father to Crown Princess Illendra Cassytha Nobilis and Prince Eyraen Vaenarus Nobilis, children of Princess Illendra Cassytha Xiaomin from across the Azure Sea. His queen is long since deceased, but despite his grief he has never allowed his duty to his children or his people waver. He is loving father to all in his lands, and pious servant of the gods. He and his family worship Pelor in all his forms, thanking him for the bounty with which he has gifted the Nobilis.

Azarius Nobilis

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