Calm Before the Storm


Aeryn ached, but it was a sweet ache. She handed Charger’s reigns (she’d finally named that poor rouncey) to Desmodius as she struck a flame on the tinder she’d help gather.

“What a battle! Oh you were all glorious! A fine tale for bards this would make. Four wet-ears sauntering in and solving Winterfell’s kobold problem. I’m starting to believe my own boasting, hah!”

She rolled our her sleeping sack and shrugged her armaments into a neat pile on the ground beside her, the heavy mail seemed to take the her minds burdens with it.

“Oh, it started off rough, but what a brilliant comeback Samael. Soon enough they’ll have to use full names to know which Stormwind they mean to praise,” she jibed cheerily.

“And Tyrael, the harrier himself! You’re swordplay is good, but it never ceases to astonish me how quickly those blades trade for a crossbow!”

The sunset cut a jagged orange bolt to a patch high lazy clouds that looked like a fist. She brightened and turned to her new warrior compatriot.

“Seems like Kord’s given his blessing to us, eh Desmodius? Perhaps we’ll find what you seek back in Winterfell. I don’t know of a dwarf, even an incensed one, how would turn down a good strong pint and a rousing account of a hard fought battle!”

The Fall of Irontooth
Dark Horizons


Though our battle with Irontooth and his cadre of half-men was grueling, I cannot help the sense of elation in myself. Perhaps the battle is still coursing through my veins, but I’ve never felt so alive as when the last threat to the besieged village was given to the Raven’s Court. I don’t think we could have done it without Desmodius, and my thanks and gratitude are with him whatever path he chooses to seek after our victory here today.

A half dozen or more of unfortunate farmers and Winterfell’s small folk were found unceremoniously piled in a dank corner of their cave system. Desmodius and I buried them properly and marked it. I pray they find peace with their deity. The best reparations I can make are to take back the stolen goods to Lord Pedraig and hope we can find a clue to the whereabouts of an artifact… Winterfell’s plight only quickens my resolve to help Azarius.

This wasn’t the worst of our realizations today however, and it seems our work is not yet done here. The ritual circle we toppled outside Irontooth’s camp was only a foreshadow to what we found next. He held a note with dire tidings—There is a spy in Winterfell and there was a power even more sinister than the savage and cunning Irontooth behind the raids on Winterfell. And more sinister yet, it seems that Winterfell’s blight is only a diversion for a more vile plot by a fiend named Kalael.

- Aeryn




Kobolds again! I’m tired of their skulldugery!

Evn with Tyraels keen eye, Samael and I can’t pick the little buggers out from the terrain fast enough to prempt the terrible little scourges from being on us bfore we can draw steel. This deserves some discourse of tactics over the campfire. As Tygus teaches; ‘There are only two times an enemy can attack you, when you are ready, and when you are not.’ We must simply be better prepared for their trickery.

We also chanced upon dashing fighter near our age by the name of Desmodius Arcana who rushed in to our aid. He certaily turned a grim tide to our favor, and gained my respect. He seems capable and I’m glad to have his company as long our paths continue together.

- Aeryn


I have no clue as to how we’re going to defeat this Irontooth character or whatever his name is! We were nearly done in AGAIN by kobolds, and it wasn’t even as if we were ambushed. Granted, we did handle ourselves a little better, but I very much doubt that without the timely aid of that dapper Desmodius fellow, we could not have done so without some severe injury.

My new strategy against these beasts, I believe, will be to run away and climb a rock or a tree, then rain chaos from above. Fighting hand to hand was simply too fierce for me. I mean, I actually had to try and hit the creature with my staff! And of course I missed; I’m just not into melee. They’re also alot uglier face to face, and it distracts me from my spellweaving.

Thank Ioun I got a second wind towards the end there. Something tells me I was a mite too close to death than is really healthy for a man.

Note to self: Sell old staff. New staff increases my Thunderwave and other stormy spells. I can’t wait to use it! Oh, and kobolds seem to be worshippers of Orcus. Attempt to contrive some interesting use for this information, and remind Tyrael and Aeryn not to speak his name aloud, just in case the rumors are true.

The Town of Winterfell
At last!


Reaching Winterfell felt like forver, but we made it. And in one piece, more than some of the poor folk that have fallen prey to those damnable monsters.

We learned of Lord Pedraig and the hardy dwarven blacksmith Thair Coalstriker who has a relative that might have some information for us. We badly need supplies and have decided to try and exterminate the kobold chief Irontooth along with the rest kobold threat. I remain confident our training and our cause will see us through.

Kord be with us.

- Aeryn


We reached Winterfell today. It is a quaint little town with a good lord and a fair market, and is very open to other races. To date, this is truly the first time I’ve seen a dwarf or elf outside my father’s tower. I’d heard of them visiting the academy at times, but they were always gone before I could catch a glimpse. I forget the dwarf’s name, but he had some extraordinary news about a dead dragon’s tomb nearby that may hold one of the artifacts we are searching for, he wouldn’t mark it on a map for us, and pretty much dismissed our pleas for assistance, but I’ve heard most dwarves are a little low on the etiquette ladder, so I won’t hold it against him.

Oh, but the elf! She was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and SHE GAVE ME A FLOWER! Of course, I’ll probably never see her again, and she was likely hundreds of years older than I, but I can dream. Dream and use this flower as a placekeeper for my spellbook!

Ah, and note to self: Watch Tyrael with the drink. He does NOT seem to know his limits.

The First Camp


“There certainly were quite a few of those scaly little bastards,” Aeryn quipped.

She ran her hand through her hair, streaked red with battle… she would have to find a stream to wash it later.

“I wonder how much longer to Winterfell… I remember the trips I accompanied my father on used to take weeks… but we had an entire caravan with us, and we took our sweet time.”

The warmth of the fire took the chill and stiffness from her shoulders.

“I don’t know how you do it Tyrael, if I walked into the forest with a bow I’d have to find a bear because everything else runs away from me, hah!”

She chuckled as she took a bite from the charred rabbit. It didn’t have any seasonings, but it was heaven after today’s battle.

“And Samael, I won’t underestimate your finger-waggling again. Whatever those words were today, you saved me proper.”


“I could have done better,” Samael murmured in response to Aeryn’s praise. “A proper wizard could have simply stomped on those things, and I barely became competent until you had nearly everything under control. To think! Almost done in by Kobolds of all creatures. At least, I assume thats what they were. They aren’t even good enough to be called bottom of the rung in draconic lore, so I didn’t study them much.”

He quickly shrugged off his feelings of inadequacy, however, when he smelled the rabbit and realized he hadn’t eaten that morning, or that afternoon. Almost on instinct, he began a little more ‘finger waggling’ to add to the flavor of his piece, afterwhich he realized it would be down right unfriendly not to offer the use of such a gift to his newfound allies.

“The rabbit looks almost good enough not to need it, but please allow me to add a little more flamboyance to the flavor of your fortunately fruitful foragings,” He said with a smile.

With a wave or two of his hand and a little mumbling, which unfortunately didn’t carry the alliteration he’d so painstakingly crafted to inject a little humor into the evening, the rest of the meat was conjured, and, if he had gotten the spell right, should have added the flavor of a few rare spices and salt, or whatever either of them happened to prefer most. That was the beauty of prestidigitation, and part of why Samael preferred wizardry to other paths of learning.

“I would like to add, however, that without you two there I would have been about as useful as a scarecrow in a field full of firedrakes. Hells, if it weren’t for that rock, I’d have been in really real trouble… Anyway, we can’t be that far off from Winterfell, right Tyrael? We must have already traveled more than half the distance.”

Highwaymen of Winterfell


We were on our well on our way to the next town, Winterfell. Road weary and more than a little exhausted, we failed to notice the ambush that lay in wait for us…

A well-organized band of little savages waylayed us and we were forced to defend ourselves. The was was going badly until Samael recited one of his incantations and put a large portion of their force into a deep magical slumber. Tyrael raced in to finish two of them and they were routed soon after. We patched our wounds and rode on, hoping to finally reach the town.


As if things couldn’t get any worse! Ambushed on the way to Winterfell, by little lizard creatures. And to top that off, we almost died! Father would have me beaten if he found out what an idiot I was, letting that foul little demon smash a bottle on me before I could blink. I’d deserve every lash too. By the time I’d broken free, Tyrael was a mess, and Aeryn was the only one holding her ground. If not for that rock and the time Aeryn bought me to heal us, that battle could have been our first AND our last! Thank Ioun Tyrael and Aeryn are such competent warriors!

The Destruction of Azarius
Remnants of Hope

An army of unknown origin swept down upon the Kingdom of Azarius. Fleeing the destruction left in it’s wake, I and the rest of the School were forced into the nearby forest to seek shelter. Upon returning to the Kingdom proper we found an arcane shell enveloping it, completely blocking it off from our help and making sure we wouldn’t find sanctuary there…

We heard an old Dwarven legend from a senior instructor, about an artifact so powerful it could dispel this evil. It was scattered in the old times and it’s legacy nearly lost. But we had to help somehow… Tyrael, Samael and I gathered supplies as best we could from what was left of the school and set forth to find the legendary artifacts that could be Azarius’ salvation.

- Aeryn


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